International Household Removals & Relocations

Settling you back home!!!

Moving could be quite a task especially when you have your sentiments and emotions attached and would miss them as you leave. We at Aer O Surf know this and have donned the art of making your feel at home whenever you move.

Let us help your global journey begin with a single step.

If you are moving overseas, you are starting in the right place.

We specialise in household goods packing and shipping, as well as visa & immigration, storage, relocation services and real estate. With our highly professional agents all over the globe this makes it a one-stop destination for all your relocation needs!

International Household Goods Moving and Shipping

We can co-ordinate all aspects of your overseas move, including the pre-move survey, quotation, confirmation, protection coverage, packing, freight, customs clearance, delivery, and storage, if needed all with the same high level of quality.

Our outbound shipments are packed using specialized materials such as hanging wardrobe cartons, picture cartons, mattress cartons, newsprint and soft tissue paper, and wooden crates for very fragile items.

For inbound shipments, complete unpacking and removal of debris is standard. Our valet and handyman services can be used to add the finishing touches to a new home.

Shipping your AUTOMOTIVE

We understand how important your car is to you wherever you are in the world. That’s why our car shipping service is second to none. With over 30 years’ experience in shipping to all parts of the globe, we pride ourselves in professional, secure shipments that are handled carefully and expertly from start to finish.

To ensure that your car is kept in the safest, most-secure way possible, we carry out routine checks and preventative tasks beforehand such as placing absorbent silica gel bags to catch any moisture that may gather as your car embarks on its journey. Peace of mind is provided every step of the way through our tracking service that allows you to monitor the location of your car.

Contact our Customer Service team now to discuss your Pre Move Survey.

Pet Relocations

Reaching your best friend to you…..

We at AerOSurf understand that Pets are your best friend and they have to be with you where you are. We can move them to where you are, you can be rest assured that your pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate handlers. With a network of pet transfer specialists.

AerOsurf will guide you through all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations, so you can feel confident that your pet will enjoy a safe and successful relocation.

With preparation, planning, and affection, you can help your pet through the process and help them happily adjust to their new home.

Just Before Schedule…

• Purchase a pet identification tag with your new address and telephone number and attach it to your pet before the move.
• Where applicable, ensure your pet has a microchip.
• Find a vet at your new location.
• Talk to us about preferred pet transport companies.

When Ready to go….

• Maintain a normal routine and stick to the same feeding and walking schedule before and after the move.
• Prior to the move, place moving boxes in plain sight and move them around so the sound becomes familiar.

While Receiving them…

• Ensure your pet is correctly certified based on the destination location.
• Speak to your vet about relevant rabies and any other required vaccinations.
• Our knowledge of quarantine and customs in each country ensures an easier transition for both pet and family.